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We're pleased to announce that Paws, Whiskers & Wags has acquired Forget Me Not Pet Crematory in Marietta.Services are not yet available in Marietta, but coming soon. For now, please call 404.990.2595 for assistance.. Paws, Whiskers & Wags will continue to offer families dignified, compassionate, 100% full-disclosure pet cremation services. More information to come soon! 

Serving the Greater Atlanta Metro area

We realize that each family has their own unique set of wishes when it comes to memorializing their pet. No matter which cremation option you decide to choose, the staff at Forget Me Not will handle your pets with the honor, dignity, and compassion they deserve. In order to ensure that the remains you receive back are those of your beloved pet, each Privately cremated pet is issued a unique metal identification disc. Your pet’s identification disc remains with him/her throughout the entire cremation process and is packaged along with their cremains. This is the same process that is required by law with human cremation. We will also, upon request, make available to you a video recording of your pet being placed into the empty cremation chamber. The video will also show the sealing and locking of the chamber door just before starting your pet’s cremation procedure, providing visual proof that your pet will be in the chamber by itself.

You can choose either private or communal (group) cremation. 

For information on available packages and pricing, please call 404.990.2595

Types of Cat or Dog Pet Cremation


Private Cremation is the process of cremating one pet by itself. The pet is gently placed in the crematory chamber and cremated alone. The cremains are then processed and placed inside a sealed bag and then put into a complimentary scattering urn or an urn that you have chosen from one of our packages. This option is most popular with families that want to keep their pet’s cremains.                                                                                        


Also known as "Group" cremation, is the choice to have your pet cremated in the same chamber with others. This option is for those customers who want to have their pet cremated but don’t want to receive their cremains. Your pet’s ashes will be respectfully spread in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.                                                                               


By appointment only and for an additional fee, you may choose to witness your pet’s private cremation. Call 404.990.2595 for details.