Griffyn   | Passed 07/30/2019

In Tribute of Griffyn

Passed 07/30/2019

by Gerry, Deana, Deidra & Kat Dalrymple

Griffyn loved life to the fullest and enriched our lives so much. He had such a sweet personality; he always looked to us for permission before doing anything. He loved to travel with us, he went all over the country for vacations and for cheer competitions. No matter whether we flew or drove, he was always excited. He always went and cheered for our daughters at softball and soccer. He loved swimming at the lake and riding in the boat, he loved catching snow flakes, he loved going camping and snuggling between us at night. But most of all, he loved playing with socks! He made every laundry day exciting, he would unfold clothes as quickly as we folded them. He was our constant companion for almost 14 years with endless amounts of love and devotion. We have a huge hole in our lives and miss you very much Griffyn! We can’t wait to see you again, but in the meantime, have fun playing with Rookie & Tory. We Love You Oceans Full.