Jake Josh Lee and Donna Lee (October 30, 2019) – Forget-Me-Not Pet Cremations Jake Josh Lee and Donna Lee (October 30, 2019) - Forget-Me-Not Pet Cremations


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Jake   | Passed 10/30/2019

In Tribute of Jake

Passed 10/30/2019

by Josh Lee and Donna Lee

Jake came in to our lives on 11/16/19 and stole our hearts from the first day we saw him. He was so full of life and such a happy little guy. This little guy’s world revolved around his ball. Josh and he would play ball in the street until Jake would fall over from exhaustion on the grass. He loved his ball and for years he was rarely seen without it. Jake was a tolerant little guy and so smart. He seemed to understand everything we said and we rarely needed to say more than his name and he anticipated what we wanted. He was a big brother to many foster babies through the years and for the most part treated them all well. He was also big brother to a house full of chinese crested. He helped socialize and exercise many puppies and was always so gentle with them all. He would even share his ball with them. Puppies could do no harm in Jakes eyes. He was a fantastic little, well balanced boy.

His playful spirit and need to please will be greatly missed. RIP little Jakes.