Miley   | Passed 12/05/2019

In Tribute of Miley

Passed 12/05/2019

by Anslee

On 4/25/2006 a perfect miniature poodle was born in West Georgia. On June 10 of 2006 we adopted her; and she became my Perfect Princess .

To some she was a poodle, to me she was my daughter .
She lived an amazing life; she took many trips including numerous trips to the beach and the smokey mountains.
We took weekly trips to Panera for lunch and numerous car rides. She loved her family as much as we loved her. Creating memories with her was a gift I’ll forever cherish.

My life was forever changed by having MILEY in my life; and I’m most positive that my life without her will never be the same.

Miley’s Mom, Anslee 🐾