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We're pleased to announce that Paws, Whiskers & Wags has acquired Forget Me Not Pet Crematory in Marietta.Services are not yet available in Marietta, but coming soon. For now, please call 404.990.2595 for assistance.. Paws, Whiskers & Wags will continue to offer families dignified, compassionate, 100% full-disclosure pet cremation services. More information to come soon! 


VETS LOVE US – Here’s Why

Same-day Pickup

When your clients request a private cremation, we guarantee same-day pickup.

Cameras = Full Visibility

We have video cameras in our facility. Everything we do is recorded for complete visibility into our work

24 Hour Turn Around

Our promise is to provide efficient, respectful and dignified handling of your client’s pets, so they can be quickly returned to their grieving owners.

Deep Compassion

We understand how traumatic the loss of a loved pet can be. We care deeply about our process and each pet is treated with the maximum amount of care and respect. 

We Love Working with Vets

For Veterinarians

Rapid 2-day Turnaround. Same day pickup. The staff at Forget Me Not fully understands that the services provided for your clients’ beloved pets reflects on the quality of your practice. We are dedicated to fulfilling your clients’ requests and providing care and accuracy in tracking their pets. Most importantly, we believe that your clients’ beloved companions should be treated with respect and dignity. By appointment, you and your clients are welcome to visit our facility, conveniently located in the heart of Marietta, GA.
Forget Me Not is also committed to providing rapid turnaround times so that your clients are not kept waiting long periods to have their beloved pets returned. For private cremations within 20 miles of our facility, we will pick up and return the pet’s ashes within two business days.
With unparalleled service, an accurate tracking/record keeping system and video recording of each private cremation, Forget Me Not Pet Cremation will ensure that the aftercare of your clients’ cherished pets is worry free.

We would be pleased to provide a list of services and pricing, arrange a visit to our facility, or answer any questions.